Music Production

Our original composition services include every facet of music production. From original scoring and production including songwriting, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering - to musical direction, budgeting, musician management, orchestras, and scoring stage booking. Our seasoned composers create highly customized and interactive scores that greatly enhance the players’ experience.

Sound Design

Thanks to our extensive private sound libraries and talented team, we create inventive and novel sonic experiences for your project. We draw inspiration from our discovery phase and collaboration with our clients, drawing from their vision while realizing our own creations. Our sound design services include foley, audio editing and mixing.

Voice overs

We deliver the perfect voices for your project by leveraging decades of experience in casting and access to our enormous pool of talent. After a rigorous pre-scripted audition process, we present our clients with our top candidates so we can work with you to focus on the perfect choice. Our voice over services include casting, directing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. We strive to make voice production as affordable as possible while maintaining high quality standards.

Mixing and Mastering

Whether it's massive mixes on orchestral sessions or more intimate mixes in specialized genres, our mixing engineers are award-winning and experienced in delivering immaculately mixed audio at unmatched speeds. Our engineers have worked on some of the most well-known sound stages across the world, utilizing the best hardware and software on countless tracks that can be heard all over the modern media landscape

Podcast Production

With years of podcast development and production experience, we’re ready to bring your project to life. With an inundated market vying for your time, we know a professional package is the only way to stand out.


Drawing on our decades of experience, we offer full audio directing services to create an unforgettable audio experience. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting the addition of a new software to your pipeline or acting as a project manager to meet demanding deadlines. We have a winning workflow formula that we can share with your team and walk you through